What is Sea Salt Spray?

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What is Sea Salt Spray?

Sea Salt Sprays are the ultimate pre-styling product for men’s hair. By adding texture, volume and hold, they’re able to take a style to that next level in a way which no standalone styling product can do on its own. Whilst you might’ve seen your barber spray some around the Barbershop, we often get asked what Sea Salt Sprays actually are, what they’re good for, and what styles they can be used to improve. To provide clarity on these styling questions, we’ve written this quick guide so you can better understand whether Sea Salt Sprays are your ticket to next level style. 

What are Sea Salt Sprays?

Sea Salt Sprays, unsurprisingly, aim to provide the same look and feel that you get from salty sea water after a dip in the sea without the weighty feel (or smell). Whilst a lot of styling products provide some of these elements already, like texture and volume, using a Sea Salt Spray alongside a styling product is the only way to get that effortlessly cool beach hair look.

What are Sea Salt Sprays good for?

As we’ve described already, Sea Salt Sprays are the perfect partner for most styling products, adding all the elements for a great textured look. The added texture and hold Salt Sprays provide are great for short crops, messy looks and even medium-length locks. The additional volume means Salt Sprays also couple well with styles like pompadours, quiffs and longer layers. Of course, the broken up texture that you get from Sea Salt Sprays means that a special mention goes out to the longer length textured beach look, which is one of the only styles where a Salt Spray doesn’t necessarily need to be paired with another styling product.

How do you use Sea Salt Sprays?

Sea Salt Sprays not only give a fantastic finish to your style, but their ease of use makes adding one to your styling routine especially convenient. Simply add a few sprays into damp hair, and from there, you can leave your hair to dry naturally to get more of a broken up, beachy texture, or you can blow dry the product in, to get fantastic volume. One mistake to avoid that we see men make all the time is using Sea Salt Sprays on dry hair. Dry hair doesn't allow the product to work as well, meaning you won’t achieve the texture or volume you’re looking for. So if you’re not styling your hair straight out of the shower, just dampen your hair a touch before applying (don’t worry, you don’t need to drown your hair for the product to work its best).

Should you incorporate a Sea Salt Spray into your styling routine?

If you’ve read our blog this far, it’s likely you care about your hair, and if that’s the case, there’s a very high likelihood you’d benefit from picking up a Sea Salt Spray to level up your hair. After all, there’s hardly any styles that don’t want more texture, volume and hold. Alongside all the benefits to your hairstyle we’ve already listed, Salt Sprays also work well in both thick and thinner hair. This is because the added texture provides thicker hair with more dimension, something it typically lacks. Meanwhile, the added volume gives thinner hair an added thickness, making hair look and feel fuller. This means Sea Salt Sprays are ideal for almost every style and hair type, with some of the only exceptions being various classic wet looks like slick backs and side partings, which don’t benefit from what Salt Sprays bring to the table.

Which Sea Salt Spray should you use?

Dapper Dan Meersalzspray

Like every type of styling product, there are hundreds of different Sea Salt Sprays available, making choosing one a tiresome process. However, the Dapper Dan Sea Salt Spray easily stands above the rest when it comes to product quality, performance and scent. Taking years to develop by our team of experts, the Dapper Dan Sea Salt Spray offers all the benefits of a great salt spray without weighing down hair or feeling greasy. If you want to take your hair game up a notch, the Dapper Dan Sea Salt Spray is almost certainly the right choice and is available to purchase via our website.

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