What is Hair Styling Powder?

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What is Hair Styling Powder?

Until recently, Styling Powders had gone largely unnoticed. Despite being around for the last twenty years, they are now exploding in popularity thanks to their amazing performance, ease of application, and the fact that they work in almost all hair types.

Whilst you may have seen this product being used in Barbershops, it can be unclear what Styling Powders actually are considering how different they are from the classic Pastes, Clays, Waxes etc. To get you up to speed we’ve written a quick guide to help you understand what Styling Powders are all about, and whether they might be right for you!

What exactly are Hair Styling Powders?

From a technical perspective, Styling Powders are usually made through a process called Shearing, which creates a dust product with all the hold and grip, but with almost no weight, distinguishing it from other strong hold products like Clays.

This weightlessness in turn helps to create the high volume and texture, typical of Hair Styling Powders.

What hairstyles can they be used for?

Styling Powders work in a huge variety of hair types and styles, thanks to their texturising effect and matte finish. They work by sticking hairs together and are particularly good in thinner hair as Hair Styling Powders have a thickening effect as well as the texture and volume they provide thanks to the low weight of the product.

However, don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s only good for thinner hair. Styling Powders can also work well in naturally thicker hair as the volume and texture they provide is something thicker hair can often lack, and the high strength that Styling Powders provide is great for thicker hair that needs particularly strong hold to remain styled throughout the day.

What styles can they achieve?

What Styles can Texture Dust Achieve

Short crops are the poster boy style for Styling Powders, this is because they benefit massively from the extra texture and thickness which is exactly what the style needs.
Styling Powders are by no means only for short crops. Despite the lightweight powder form, Styling Powders pack a punch when it comes to their hold, which means they can create quiffs, messy styles and more.

As well as short styles, Styling Powders work well even in longer hair as a small amount can provide the hold to control and shape medium to long-length styles. The additional texture alongside the strong hold, is fantastic in mid-length hair, helping to accentuate longer layers. For this type of style, we would recommend first using a Sea Salt Spray, as the pre-styler will help shape the look. This is key as you should only use a touch of Styling Powder in longer styles to prevent your hair from becoming too stiff and unmovable during the day.

Mullets are another style that are taken to the next level when styled with a Styling Powder. This is partly because mullets need texture and volume in the top part of the hair to prevent the style from falling flat, and Styling Powders provide volume better than any other product.

The World's Best Styling Powder

The World's Best Styling Powder

Known as the World’s Best Styling Powder, Dapper Dan Texture Dust is the best of the best. Texture Dust has all the benefits of a well crafted Styling Powder, with high hold, dry matte finish, as well as being volumising and texturising. However, it’s also water-based, which means it will wash out of your hair easily, unlike some oil-based counterparts, making everything about Texture Dust hassle-free. Whilst this already elevates the Dapper Dan Texture Dust, it also has a superb scent of Citrus Cologne leaving hair styled perfectly and smelling great.
The Dapper Dan Texture Dust can be purchased from your local Dapper Dan stockist, or online via our website here.

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