How to Style: Mullets

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How to Style: Mullets

A bit of background..

In the last year, Mullets have certainly seen a resurgence in popularity since their heyday in the 1980s. However, with the style only recently resurging into the mainstream it’s easy to forget that without good styling a mullet can look lacklustre. Left without any styling, many mullets lose out on the style’s wow factor and end up looking lazy and awkward. This is why we’ve written a quick guide to make sure if you’re thinking about growing a mullet you won’t be let down. 


The Curly Mullet

Mens Curly Mullet Example

Just as you can see in the haircut above, some of the best mullets incorporate curly hair to achieve the best styling. So if you’ve been blessed with curls, a combination of the Dapper Dan Sea Salt Spray and a touch of Matt Paste to style and tame the mane is the way to go. The use of these styling products will emphasise your curls by creating more volume and thickness, ensuring your hair doesn’t fall flat throughout the day.


The Textured Mullet 

Mens Textured Mullet Example

If curls aren’t your style, another way to make your mullet stand out is to create lots of texture and make the top messy. The added dimension and shape will guarantee to avoid a flat and boring mullet. The World’s Best Styling Powder, Dapper Dan Texture Dust, does exactly what you need for this by providing unrivalled texture, hold and volume, making it the best product to help you achieve this look.


The Slicked Back Mullet

Mens Slicked Back Mullet Example

If you have medium-length hair, a great styling option is to create a slicked-back look This styling provides a modern twist on a classic style that both stands out, yet also keeps the timelessness of the classic. For this look, our recommendation is the Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade. Dubbed the ‘Ultimate Pomade’ this water-based product provides superb all day hold, great shine and washes out easily without the need for special shampoos. When it comes to a slicked back mullet, if you want the style to really stand out, consider creating a classic pompadour on top, making use of medium length hair. If this look is the one for you, combine our Deluxe Pomade, with our Grooming Tonic pre-styler to help create the volume necessary for an amazing pompadour. 


If there’s a different trend you’d like for us to analyse, let us know in the comments!

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